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757 Hoodie

To inspire the Area Code 757 residents and its visitors to be 757 proud. 757 consists of the 7 cities (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Suffolk & Chesapeake) and it's outlying counties . . .

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Music is the "better drug"

Music - an addiction that is therapeutic

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Soaring Hampton

To inspire Hampton residents and its visitors to be Hampton proud. Hampton is known for its contributions to the first space flights.

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Colossal Suffolk

To inspire Suffolk residents and its visitors to be Suffolk proud. Suffolk is the largest city via land mass in the State of Virginia.  

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Portsmouth . . . is beautiful

To inspire Portsmouth residents and its visitors to be Portsmouth proud because . . . Portsmouth really is a beautiful city.



To inspire the Suffolk residents who live in the borough of Chuckatuck to be proud of where they live.

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